Eurotracker RMC

Eon presents Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Operations Optimization solution specifically tailored for the RMC business, and which has already proven itself, and is successfully deployed on thousands of TMs for leading players in the industry. For the RMC sector our solution allows the fleet owner/operator to know without any human intervention the time a specific TM left the plant, the time it reached a customer site, time it took for unloading/pouring at the site/ number of pours, the time it left the site and the finally the time it reached the plant. All this automatically for every trip of the day. The net effect is that you can improve the operational efficiency and customer orientation of your logistics operations and run the plant operation with lesser Tms thus improving your EBITDA margins/ ROI meaningfully.

Solution allows:

Live Vehicle Tracking and extensive exception reporting (Tripwise reports, over speeding, route deviation, unauthorized stoppages, etc.) It has Integrated Drum Rotation sensors to automatically generate reports like Plant Out time, time of reaching pouring site, unloading time, Plant in Time, turnaround time, etc. It also has a Facility to give customers/ (and/ or to your site engineers) access to the real-time location information (on mobile phone/ laptops) of TMs deployed for their project, thus preventing needless calls from clients/ site engineers to batching plant/ TM drivers, etc. Besides this the solution Optionally offers customization by way of ERP interface to reduce data duplication and to allow direct entry into ERP application or exporting KM data to the ERP application.

Basically with the Eon Eurotracker RMC solution, nothing is impossible – the possibilities are truly limited only by human imagination. As probably the only player in the country with end-to-end ownership over the entire solution – right from design and manufacture of the electronics, to the firmware, to the application and user interface – Eon is uniquely positioned to keep customizing the solution to meet your evolving needs.