Quality Policy

Exceeding Expectations
Eon’s quality policy is articulated in support of the organization’s Mission and Strategy.

“EON will endeavor to offer quality and cost-effective solutions speedily to exceed its customer’s expectations.”

At EON, Quality is not merely a function, but a vital mission and an integral part of the work culture. Quality-entrained processes are the cornerstones of Eon’s development methodology. At EON, we are systems driven, ISO 9001:2015 organization, currently working towards SEI CMM level 3.
The objective of the quality management system at EON is to ensure customer delight by making EON’s solutions and services “better, faster and cheaper”. EON has adopted the path of continuous improvement to be a true partner in the success of its clients. To this end, QMS promotes component-based process architecture, tool-based engineering and continuous process improvement mechanisms.

Eon processes are housed on the Intranet for ease of online access.

A powerful feedback option facilitates speedy interaction between the user and the performance excellence group. The processes are dynamic and are continually improved to suit the evolving needs of the user, the business and the changing paradigms of technology.

EON believes not just in theorizing about quality but also in practicing.

Emphasis on high quality and excellence are the catalysts to increase market share, reduce cost and give EON an outstanding credibility.
EON defines implements and monitors processes such that its quality policy is efficiently and effectively implemented in all its business activities. The processes are continuously revised to reflect the lessons learnt from its experience and changing business needs. These processes are categorized as per the three cost-of-quality categories, namely prevention, appraisal and failure.

These are processes that promote the concept of “Do it right the first time”. These processes are broadly classified into project life cycle (technical) processes, project management (managerial) processes and support processes.

Even as EON focuses on “prevention” as the primary quality management process, EON additionally adopts a stringent “appraisal process” as an essential component. Verification and validation of projects is conducted with the help of a core team called the V&V team. Besides this, internal audits are conducted on projects jointly by the team head and other project members.


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