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  • Better Control over vehicles, leading to higher utilization and productivity.
  • Greater "driver compliance".
  • Fuel Level Monitoring (Optional).
  • Speed Violations.
  • Distance Covered.
  • Driver Behavior.
  • Alarms & Alerts.
    & many many more....
"Our Mission is to Make Our
Customer's Vision possible.
Our Customer Dreams. And we Believe.
Then we Create. And he Succeeds.
His Success inspires us to Do More".


     Eurotrack (VTS & PIS)

     RMC Flyer

     School Bus Flyer

Main Features
  • Display current Position of the vehicles on the map.
  • Display Real time path followed.
  • Can track vehicle on your mobile phone.
  • Tamper proof packaging available.
  • Rugged and Reliable.
  • Works from vehicle power system.
  • Easy to use software with Graphical User Interface.

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