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  • Better Control over vehicles, leading to higher utilization and productivity.
  • Greater "driver compliance".
  • Fuel Level Monitoring (Optional).
  • Speed Violations.
  • Distance Covered.
  • Driver Behavior.
  • Alarms & Alerts.
    & many many more....
"Our Mission is to Make Our
Customer's Vision possible.
Our Customer Dreams. And we Believe.
Then we Create. And he Succeeds.
His Success inspires us to Do More".

About Us

Eon Infotech Limited is a technology company headquartered out of Mohali, on the outskirts of Northern Indian city of Chandigarh. Started in 2000 by a team of first generation entrepreneurs, Eon today is a 70 plus (and growing) tech team dedicated to providing cutting edge technology solutions to its clients.
The story of Eon is the story of an organization that is succeeding in the marketplace by living the four pillars of its STRATEGY in all its engagements.
1. Focus on Customer Vision
Putting ourselves in the customer's shoes, we seek first to understand her needs and then work closely with her to deliver technology solutions that satisfy those needs.
2. The Strong R&D
Research & Development is our lifeline and gives us the competitive advantage in this fiercely contested marketplace. Some of the finest engineering brains within EON are currently working on technologies of tomorrow.
3. Quality Practices, Standards & Management
Quality is a way of life at EON. The trinity of Quality Standards, Quality Practices and Quality management guides is in all our engagements. We are a systems driven ISO 9001:2015 certified organization.
4. Prices
A lean Indian Company we bring you world class solutions at naturally Indian prices.

Main Features
  • Display current Position of the vehicles on the map.
  • Display Real time path followed.
  • Can track vehicle on your mobile phone.
  • Tamper proof packaging available.
  • Rugged and Reliable.
  • Works from vehicle power system.
  • Easy to use software with Graphical User Interface.

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